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February 13 - 2023

The new 57X truck from Western Star

The 57X truck design


The 57X truck is the most advanced highway truck Western Star has ever built, with a focus on the driver.

Built on a tradition of ruggedness and equipped with technology, comfort, safety and performance, it is sure to satisfy its customers from the moment they get behind the wheel!


The 57X offers a choice of several Detroit engine models. The DD13 Gen 5, DD15 Gen 5 and DD16 engines offer maximum on-road performance and fuel economy.


With Detroit Connect® technology, the X-Series trucks mark a significant advance in performance for Western Star trucks. Detroit Connect converts the performance of any truck into real-time data that can be used, for example, to make decisions that will keep drivers in control on the road.


To avoid traffic slowdowns, secure blind spots or keep trucks in their lane, the Detroit Assurance® suite of safety systems offers technology that enhances the safety of the 57X truck.


The 57X Truck


Making life more enjoyable for heavy-duty truck drivers is a priority for Western Star. The company has taken a big step forward in cab life.


In fact, the 57X is equipped with an all-new digital dashboard: bright, clear, customizable and intuitive. There is also a driver’s lounge in the back. It can be easily adapted with various options such as a flat screen TV, refrigerator, kitchenette or even a full-size bed.


A new truck 100% based on the needs of the driver


Western Star has redesigned the entire X-Series to better meet customers’ needs for safety, cost efficiency and durability. The all-new 57X is designed primarily for long-haul customers, such as small fleets or owner-operators, as opposed to the 47X and 49X series, which are designed primarily for specialized use or construction customers.


With a 12-inch A-screen and a 10-inch B-screen, drivers will have all the information and entertainment they need without taking their hands off the wheel.


The 57X is available in a variety of designs to suit many applications. There are shorter models with varying interior heights (between 152 and 183 cm). The longest version includes a bed and driver’s lounge. Improved insulation, a wider windshield, and more easily usable ventilation and temperature controls. All these advantages contribute greatly to the driver’s comfort.


The LED kit adds a special touch to the 57X and enhances its safety by optimizing the road lighting.  Numerous additional features and comfort options allow the customer to further customize the truck according to the driver’s needs.

Advancements in aerodynamics and the latest drivetrain technologies have been perfectly combined to create the most fuel-efficient road truck ever. 


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