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ENGINE 260-525 hp

COUPLE Up to 1850 lb/ft.

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With its unprecedented maneuverability, ruggedness and weight savings, the 47X is the ideal truck for the types of vocations that require increased precision. Available in a variety of frame and powertrain options, this versatile truck tackles a wide range of applications, from concrete mixer and crane truck to dump truck, snowplow and tractor. Also designed to offer optimal ergonomics, the Western Star 47X is equipped with features that allow quick and easy access to wiring, including the addition of controls to meet the owner’s needs.

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Combined to its design thought for increased durability and performance in the toughest conditions, the 47X features a shorter hood a 110.8″ length BBC (bumper to back of cab) for greater agility and a better response to the size requirements imposed on heavy trucks on the road. With the goal of maximizing the operator’s long days, the 47X offers unequalled comfort and quality materials inside all of its cabs, in addition to a design adapted to the industry’s specific needs.


Like its X-Series brethren, the Western Star 47X has passed a battery of the most stringent crash tests and features advanced technological equipment to ensure the safety of its passengers and their working environment. These new must-haves include side protection assist, automated braking system and adaptive cruise control. Offering an optimized field of vision, the 47X stands out with a windshield that is 28% wider than the previous generation, making it one of the largest in its class.

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Benefiting from the years of experience of a manufacturer whose reputation is well established, the Western Star 47X is one of the best designed trucks to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications, while ensuring comfort and safety. Built with new parts and technologies developed specifically to meet the challenges of the professional market, the 47X stands out even more because of its options to offer the lightest truck when every kilogram counts, without compromising on strength and performance.

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