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ENGINE 350-605 HP

COUPLE Up to 2050 lb/ft.

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The Cascadia is the most advanced road truck built by Freightliner. In the Day Cab version or the Sleeper Cab with one or more beds for long distances, the Cascadia is the ideal truck for travelers. Equipped with several safety technologies developed to protect drivers and their environment. Choosing the Cascadia is making a wise decision.

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The Cascadia’s aerodynamic silhouette helps it slice through the air and maximize fuel efficiency. Its windshield and windows are designed to ensure optimum clearance and its triple-insulated doors make it the quietest vehicle. The exterior design of the Cascadia was thought to minimize its maintenance, thus increasing its time spent on the road.


The Detroit ™ Integrated Powertrain (IDP) is uniquely designed, manufactured and assembled to maximize your return on investment; it combines the most fuel-efficient DD15® and DD13® engines with state-of-the-art DT12 ™ On-Highway series transmissions and high-speed Detroit tandem axles specially designed for efficient performance.

The Detroit ™ Connect Suite enables you to make informed business decisions with its performance data analysis services. Ideal for both fleet managers and drivers, this technology aims to reduce the time allocated to service and maximize that spent on the road.

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The Cascadia has been custom designed to meet all driver needs, from driving to resting, to meal breaks and those for paperwork time. Its spacious and comfortable interior offers a multitude of amenities, making it the perfect truck for long hours in the cabin.


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