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Natural Gas Cascadia®


ENGINE 400 hp

COUPLE Up to 1 450 lb/ft.

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The most advanced road tractor built by Freightliner, both fuel efficient and environmentally friendly, the natural gas Cascadia combines all the advantages of its diesel counterpart, in addition to producing near-zero emissions. Its proven technologies ensure reliable starting and operation despite low fuel or severe cold. As natural gas is generally less expensive than diesel, significant fuel savings are to be made with this heavy truck.

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The Cascadia’s natural gas body has been designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. From the hood and 12-inch side extenders to the mirrors, bumper, door seals, and grille, the Cascadia’s silhouette is intended to optimize fuel economy and minimize overall drag. Additional features are optionally available under the Aero and AeroX packages.


The Natural Gas Cascadia features integrated fuel systems installed by Agility Fuel Solutions in their state-of-the-art workshops. This partnership combines the expertise of Freightliner to provide an optimal energy solution for your business.

Engineered with performance and reliability in mind, the Natural Nas Cascadia offers an intelligent display of fuel level, precise distance to empty, system status, real-time savings and operator feedback and of its travel data, all in a resettable format.

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The Cummins WestPort ISX12N offered in the Cascadia Natural Gas is the cleanest engine available when it comes to using renewable energy to reduce GHG emissions. No SCR aftertreatment system is required and its exhaust system is maintenance free. Good news: no replacement, cleaning or regeneration of DPF! This engine is designed to save you money.


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