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ENGINE 350-605 hp

COUPLE Up to 2050 lb/ft.

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The frame and powertrain options available in the 49X’s customization allow it to suit all types of applications, from tractor-trailer and snowplows to construction and logging. It is designed to be durable, lightweight, and easy to maintain, in addition to being user-friendly for equipment manufacturers. The 49X is also a spacious and ergonomic truck, designed for the comfort of its operator.

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Engineered for durability and performance, the 49X features a safe, lightweight construction that helps protect operators while delivering optimum payload capacity in a wide range of applications, even the most demanding. Rear window, bumper, vibration-free mount heated mirrors and battery box positioning options are designed to make your job easier and improve your performance.


With its side protection assistance, automated braking system and adaptive cruise control, the 49X is the safest professional truck in its class, both for its driver and for the environment around it. In addition to these active technologies, the 49X offers the most rugged cab built by Western Star, whose durability has been proven through unrivaled impact tests.

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The 49X is Western Star’s strongest, best tested, safest, and most technologically advanced truck to date. Benefiting from the manufacturer’s half-century of expertise, it combines its legendary robustness and essential advances in the modern era. In addition to its ingenious structure, the 49X offers a comfortable cabin, optimized to enhance the work of its operator.


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