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114SD Gaz naturel


ENGINE 260-400 hp

COUPLE Up to 1 450 lb/ft

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Designed for maximized productivity even in the harshest conditions, the 114 SD is easily adaptable to specific applications. The open platform options at the rear of the cab are ideal for equipment manufacturers and the SmartPlex® electrical system provides unmatched flexibility when configuring the truck. Its operation on natural gas and the technologies that accompany it ensure optimum energy and power efficiency.

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Built with strong and durable materials, the 114 SD is as tough as it is light. Its safety-proven cab offers unparalleled visibility, notably thanks to the large 2,500 square inch windshield and the contoured slope of the hood. The ergonomic and comfortable interior of the 114 SD, along with its wide door openings, strategically positioned sills and non-slip steps have been designed to maximize the safety and performance of its driver.


Powered by the Cummins® WestPort L9N 8.9L engine or Cummins® WestPort ISX 12N 11.9L, the 114 SD delivers performance. Its spark ignition, maintenance-free exhaust system, and DFP with no regeneration, cleaning, or replacement make it a hassle-free investment. Combined with the Allison 3000 RDS automatic transmission, ideal for alternative fuel vehicles, the 114 SD natural gas promises increased and profitable driving.

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Besides the fuel savings and the near-zero emissions it provides, the 114 SD natural gas is a powerful and durable tool that will meet your operational and profitability needs. Its solid and safe construction is perfect for heavy work as well as for traveling long distances, while being optimal for the operator who operates it.


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