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February 24 - 2022

A Pandemic Reality

There is no doubt that the pandemic situation that has prevailed for almost 2 years now has created new challenges within the heavy truck industry.


As you already know, there is a shortage of parts around the world and our manufacturers are having serious problems producing parts intended for the construction or repair of trucks. This unprecedented situation is notably caused by widespread logistics problems, an interrupted supply of raw materials used in the production of these parts and supplier plant closures related to COVID-19.


Coupled with these shortages comes the skyrocketing absenteeism rate due to the virus, a glaring labour shortage that continues and a cold season that gives front-line teams no rest.


At GLOBOCAM, our teams work hard every day to keep your trucks on the road and, like the rest of the industry, we are also affected by the collateral effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Admittedly, all the factors mentioned above cause delays in the repair and maintenance of certain trucks and we are sincerely sorry.


Please know that we are aware of this unfortunate situation and that we are working to improve it and find quick solutions so as not to affect the quality of our service.


We are available to answer your questions and receive your comments at any time via the means of communication of your choice here.

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