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ENGINE 350-600 hp

COUPLE Up to 2 050 lb/ft

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Combining cost-efficiency and the optimum driving experience, the 5700XE is perfect for covering long distances, day after day. Powered by Detroit® engines mated to the same manufacturer’s DT12 axles and gearbox, the 5700XE combines power, fuel economy and performance.

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Designed to meet the wishes of heavy truck drivers, the 5700XE is as comfortable for them as it is for their bankers. The aerodynamic silhouette includes an advanced sun visor that reduces both glare and air resistance, in concert with the precise angle of the spoiler at the rear of the hood. This proven cab is based on a light and sturdy chassis, the extended suspension of which guarantees increased stability and comfort.


Designed to enhance efficiency and safety, the 5700XE combines proven technologies and innovations from Daimler. The option of the WABCO® OnGuard Collision Mitigation System allows you to detect dangers and issue alerts in addition to taking certain automatic actions to minimize the severity of collisions. Also, cruise control and spacing help reduce operator fatigue, while heated mirrors, attached to the cab for better visibility and vibration-free, counter frost and fog. Finally, ABS and the anti-roll stabilizer that applies individual braking force to the wheels provide a stable ride.


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On board the soundproofed and insulated cabin of the 5700XE is a spacious space, ingeniously designed to optimize the comfort of its occupant. The fully adjustable steering column allows for a personalized ride, while integrated and available technologies maximize focus and focus on the road. The 5700XE combines the traditional look of a rugged truck, while being built for today’s needs.

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