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FE 160


ENGINE 161-297 hp

COUPLE Up to 361 lb/pi

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Offering comfort and precise handling, the diesel or gasoline Fuso FE160 is a versatile work tool. With a payload of up to 10,490 lbs., It’s ideal for work areas such as construction, landscaping and hauling goods in urban areas, suburbs or on the highway.

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The ergonomic, spacious and soundproof cabin of the Fuso FE160 is equipped with an adjustable steering wheel, countless storage spaces and reinforced seats. The panoramic vision and the field of vision on the ground that the windshield allows are ideal for the road. Moreover, the safety features offered in the Fuso FE160 ensure the protection of vehicle occupants and their environment.


The diesel version of the FE160 is powered by a four-cylinder engine with dual turbo compressor, the most compact configuration in its class. FUSO’s exclusive DUONIC® 6-speed automatic transmission provides smooth, uninterrupted shifting. With performance and fuel economy at the heart of the vehicle’s design, the FE160 diesel promises performance and reliability.

The petrol version of the FE160 is designed and assembled by Daimler’s FCCC (Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation). Equipped with a 6L V8 engine combined with the Allison 6-speed automatic transmission with FuelSense 2.0®, the gasoline FE160 delivers remarkable fuel economy.

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The Fuso FE160’s ladder frame lends itself to a variety of body styles. Large and light, it offers many mounting possibilities, making it a truck with a wide range of applications. Its optimum maneuverability, reminiscent of an automobile, makes the Fuso FE160 the vehicle par excellence to facilitate travel for your business.


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