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ENGINE 350-600 hp

COUPLE Up to 2 050 lb/ft

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The most versatile, the 122 SD is the ideal work tool for both bulk transport and snow removal and everything in between. It allows hundreds of specification solutions to suit any demand. The powertrains available in the 122 SD offer a wide range of horsepower ratings and torques to meet the most demanding jobs.

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Durable materials and advanced manufacturing technology used in the 122 SD create a precise and reliable truck that combines strength and efficiency. It’s designed to optimize its longevity and profitability, without compromising its productivity.


Optional Detroit Connect Virtual Technician® solutions allow drivers to capture, transmit and analyze data directly on board their truck. The fleets thus connected offer measured profitability and guaranteed savings.

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As capable on the road as it is on the jobsite, the 122 SD is solid, efficient and versatile,  thanks in part to its wheel cut of up to 50 degrees which gives it amazing precision. Equipped with a large two-part windshield and exterior mirrors positioned for optimal visibility, the cabin of the 122 SD provides operator comfort for long days and proven safety.

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